Brought to Life!

June 7, 2012

A big online retailer of craft supplies is offering "custom painted safety eyes". The paint they are using is solvent based enamel *cringing*. The brand of which is NOT non-toxic, which accounts for the huge color selection.

It also means that 6 months to a year from now, the solvent based paints will cause the acrylic eyes to turn a yucky yellow. Not cute. These paints are designed to be used on model cars, etc., NOT on clear acrylic.

It also means that the products no longer qualify as non-toxic.

Oh well, good luck with that...

June 24, 2011

New Mini Shop

The website is updated and we've launched our new mini shop within our site, our blog, as well as our facebook fan page.

Click the "Shop" tab above to check it out...

Shopping for our products and finding what you need is now much more accessible. Let us know what you think :)