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June 9, 2008

Love and Care in each pair

Enami Eyes are high-quailty, hand-painted acrylic safety eyes. I started painting craft eyes because the manufactured colors were limited and many turned out to be factory spray painted in China. The fear of lead paint was a big issue, especially after the Fischer Price lead-paint scare in June 2007. Although nothing I design is ever sold for or intended to be mouthed or chewed on, after working with children for over 10 years I know that anything is possible and reasonable safety precautions should always be taken. I wanted a safe alternative to store bought eyes.

After hundreds of hours of experimenting with various paints and stains and contacting manufacturers, I developed my line of Enami Eyes. All of the beatutiful handpainted colors I offer are non-toxic and lead-free and conform to the labeling standards of the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc.

Not only was safety important to me, durability was as well. That's why I tested and re-tested Enami Eyes in the washing machine. The paints and stains I use are highly water resistant - water-proof and can withstand machine washing in COOL/WARM water with DETERGENT, but NO BLEACH. They actually stood up to more rigorous testing but I like to aire on the side of caution to prolong their beauty. Whatever you affix Enami Eyes to can be washed (assuming the item itself is washable in water) without damaging the paint finish or bleeding onto the fabric. MACHINE DRYING and DRY CLEANING ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.

I hope you enjoy my selection of handpainted Enami Eyes.

♥Lots of love and care go into each pair ♥

Please contact me if you have any questions about custom orders and product usage.

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